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Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO as it is popularly called, makes it easier for search engines to find, crawl, index and rank your website content. In simpler words, SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website in search engines amongst the natural un-paid search results, also called organic search results.

Our full-time SEO Course has both the On-page SEO and Advanced SEO Modules. In the On-page SEO module, you will learn how to optimize your website to be easily crawled, read and indexed by the search engine robots. You’ll also learn how to prepare your different web pages so that they rank well for different target keywords and are able to attract targeted traffic from search engines. In the Advanced SEO Module you will learn about achieving the desired rankings for your website on various search engines.

You will also learn advanced SEO tips, techniques and best practices to achieve Top 10 rankings for your website on various search engines. This will include developing skills on how to build backlinks for your website, perform link exchange with relevant sites, performance tracking, website analytics, reports generation and competitor tracking.

Search Engine Optimization Training Course

Introduction to SEO

In this topic, we will see how search engines actually work. Showing the information in no-time is not a kids play, there are many factors that work behind the scene to get this information as fast as possible. We will see little history of Internet Marketing, the mechanism of search engines and how they rank pages.


Search Engines are getting smarter every day, so it takes more than just good content to rank well in search engines. After finalizing the keywords (previous topic), it is important to use them smartly on the webpages. Basically, onpage optimization means making changes on the website so that it is search engine friendly. With proper onpage optimization, the website not only ranks well in search engines but also gives better ROI (return on investment).


Just as the name suggests, Offpage optimization is done external to the website. It involves number of activities which improves the overall rankings of the website in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). It is also known as link building activities, where the effort is to get as many quality inbound links to the website as possible. The relevant and quality inbound links also called backlinks are the backbone of getting higher rankings

Analytics & Reporting

This is where all the figures, stats and graphs are! It is very important to measure the performance of the efforts we have made so far. Analytics gives the clear picture of what has been achieved and where we are lacking. Aligned with your strategy and ultimate goal, analysis is very important to make further decisions. Analytics tells you where we are getting visitors from, what they are doing on the website and they are making any intended action (buy, subscribe etc.) on the website or not.


Social Networking is not only here to stay but is also proving to be the key driver of our lives online. Intelligent businesses saw it coming and those who caught the wave are already enjoying the benefits. With Indian businesses waking up to the immense opportunities, the demand for Social Media Optimization experts is increasing by the day. This course is geared towards turning you into a Social Media Wizard so that you can help your employer or clients with their Social Media requirements. In this course you will learn how to design and implement intelligent Social Media Optimization campaigns geared towards making your brand more visible on relevant social networks including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, so as to get better and almost instant interaction with your customers and other target audiences and enhanced brand building.

For more detailed description of any of our course content and how it can help you develop yourself into an Internet Marketing Professional, please fix an appointment with our counselor today.


Pay Per Click Advertising, or PPC as it is popularly called, can enable a business to be visible to highly targeted and motivated audience that is more likely to buy immediately.

Google, Yahoo and Bing are the three most popular PPC Advertising platforms. This course covers all the relevant aspects of PPC Advertising on Google, Yahoo and Bing and you will be able tolearn how to set up and manage PPC accounts on Google, Yahoo and Bing, conduct proper research and select relevant keywords/phrases that will not only bring in visitors but also convert into sales.

You will also learn the tricks of how to keep your PPC bids to a minimum while ensuring the best visibility and maximum conversions. The course content will also cover how to design the landing pages such that your PPC spend is minimized and the conversions maximized. You will also learn how to understand Analytics and generate relevant reports to be presented to your clients or management.

For more detailed description of any of our course content and how it can help you develop yourself into an Internet Marketing Professional, please fix an appointment with our counselor today.

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