SAP Training

Orion offers intensive and comprehensive SAP training. We are known for quality education, expertise in the subject, and high level expertise in this area. But, that is not the reason for choosing us. Our SAP training is best renowned for its flexibility and accessibility. We are committed to training people in thie field, and offer training as per the requirements. Our modules, like SAP itself, can be customized to meet the necessary training needs of the individual.

We recognize the needs of our customers, and customize our course accordingly. Aspiring or existing SAP consultants can attend this training module, and further their knowledge.

Apart from the employability training, we also offer corporate training to our customers. This is specifically for the end users or corporate teams, and the subject has been outlined in that manner. They are short duration courses, specifically meant to develop the necessary skillsets required to manage the SAP projects. We have outlined specific courses in these modules, which can be chosen as per the requirements.

Benefits of SAP Training

  • To help you gain a complete understanding of the SAP products, and the related strategy
  • To guide/train the new consultants as well as SAP professionals into SAP ERP based industry and its curriculum
  • SAP marketplace training
  • SAP certified professionals
  • Equip the professionals with the necessary skills that will benefit both individuals and busineses

SAP Certification

Orion academic program offers complete training and certification in SAP and ERP products and services. We also offer in-depth knowledge on the business applications of SAP and ERP.

Why SAP Certification?

With SAP certification, you get the right credentials and skills, which enhance your job opportunities while ensuring you have the right skills to perform the tasks assigned. With this certification, you will become a SAP professional, which means you will be sought after and respected, in terms of knowledge and qualification. The individuals with this certification are reputed for their SAP business solutions’ knowledge and expertise.

Academic Programs

SAP Solution Academy Tracks

Register for the following SAP ERP courses


Online Training (OLT):

This course can be completed in a minimum of 3 months to a period of 5 months at you own pace & time, this course does have an online instructor & is a self-learning concept. 

  Instructor Led Training (ILT) Online Training (OLT)
 Duration  200hrs in 5 weeks i.e.8hrs /day  200hrs in 3 months format (flexible timing)
 Instructor  Personal Instructor Available  Virtual (online) Instructor available by SAP from  7am to 11pm.
 Timing  It is a full time course
 Classes from Monday to Friday 9.30 am to 5.30pm daily.
 It is Flexible course with online training.
 Flexible Centre timing from Monday to Saturday to 10pm & to 6pm on Sunday.
  • Within 2 week of completion of training , the certification is conducted
  • Minimum passing criteria 54-66% depend on Module.
  • Maximum attempt is 3 times.
  • Certification within 1 month from the completion of the course
  • Minimum passing criteria 54-66% depend on Module.
  • Maximum attempt is 3 times.
 Doubts Solving
  • To clear the doubts trainer will be available full time.

 Doubts are cleared in three ways.


  • Online chat with student all over India doing similar module.
  • Ask the Expert solve the quires with the help SAP instructor.
  • The faculty can guide by accessing student PC remotely though Adobe Net Meeting
 Certificate  Successful student will receive SAP certification  from SAP Germany  Successful student will receive SAP certification  from SAP Germany
 Modules  SAP ABAP,FI,CO, MM, SD, HR , PP, CRM,PS, XI – BS  7.2 Version  FI,CO, MM, SD, HR, PP , BI - BS 7 VERSION PM,  QM, ABAP – ECC 6.0 VERSION

Instructor Led Training or (ILT)

It is a five weeks full time program. It is a five day a week schedule and begins in the morning at 9:30am and ends at 5:30pm. It is conducted by instructors.An exam is held on the last day of the program

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