SAP Career Highlights & Placement Option

SAP works perfectly for 21 industry verticals. As a SAP Professional Consultant, you have the option of choosing the industry you want to work for.

  • The number of SAP Certified Professionals is really low. The reason for this can be attributed to unauthorized training institutes and unauthorized education, which leads to inexperienced professionals
  • The right workforce is unavailable despite a growing demand for SAP Certified Consultants in the market

Career Related Benefits

  • You get a globally accepted SAP certification, which means you get international level opportunities
  • Your employability options grow wide within the SAP eco-system
  • Adds value to your existing portfolio
  • You get a clear understanding on how ERP technology helps integrate businesses
  • Increased opportunities, and better salary structures
  • Helps with key business processes, and better control of business

Career Options

  • Pre-sales consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Admin Level Jobs
  • Solution Provider
  • Implementation Consultant
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